[MonoDevelop] Advice required - is monodevelop beta stable? I think I have hardware problems

alan battersby alan.battersby at ntlworld.com
Sun Mar 8 17:39:19 EDT 2009

I am having problems with md beta in that it keeps crashing very
regularly on my computer (several times today).  I run opensuse 11.1 on
an Asus Eeebox with 1Gb memory and using md beta downloaded and built
from svn a couple of weeks ago. The problems seem to occur when writing
to the disc which seems to hang very frequently why I dont know.  Often
when it does  files are destroyed I think because in writing the file is
cleared but then nothing is written. My latest problem was when the
gui-stetic file was wiped thus destroying all my widgets . I am
constantly backing up outside of md but even so I can loose a couple of
hours work.  I keep looking at the forums and am aware that there are
absolutely no queries about md's instability so I  believe that the
problem is with the Asus box in that it is too under powered. I bought
the asus as an experiment as I wanted a small computer to sit on my desk
and it seemed to fit the bill.

So the point of this email is to ask if anyone else has had this problem
with md on a more powerful pc, or if anyone else is running md on an
Eeebox and can they let me know their experiences. I think that I need
to go and buy a faster more powerful pc, I just need reassurance that
this is the case. I am using md to develop my first application (4 sub
projects , approx 100 classes) under linux I have substantial c#
experience under windows, know nothing about how linux works under the
hood just enough to be able to compile from svn.

Finally as an aside does md have any log facility built in so I can find
out what crashed? If so where is the log file? And  how often should I
think of downloading md from svn every week, month, never?  I think that
md is an excellent piece of software and am resolved to sticking with it
no matter what.



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