[MonoDevelop] Recursive dependencies not copied?

Oskar Berggren oskar.berggren at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 05:25:28 EDT 2009

2009/6/16 Grzegorz Sobanski <silk at boktor.net>:
> * Oskar Berggren <oskar.berggren at gmail.com> [2009-06-16 11:44]:
>> This is with monodevelop 2.0 and .sln and .csproj file formats.
>> Is this a bug/lacking feature in monodevelop? I were unable to find a
>> similar bug report. Or am I missing something?
> See:
> http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/mono-devel-list/2009-May/032199.html
> and the whole thread. It is releated.

Thanks silk, it does seem related but it doesn't seem to be the same
issue to me. I can compile the project (since I guess all the
assemblies are located at compile time), but get errors at runtime due
to not-directly-referenced dependencies not getting copied to the
output folder, even when they are located in the same "input"

Which program is responsible for this copying (and creating the output
folder in general)? The compiler or the build system?


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