[MonoDevelop] Disappearing Notebook Tab Labels

Lluis Sanchez Gual lluis at novell.com
Tue Jul 28 14:02:05 EDT 2009

The Inotify warning is unrelated. However, I can reproduce the problem
by dropping a TextView into the Notebook. Could you please file a bug
report following the instructions in http://monodevelop.com/bugs?


El dt 28 de 07 de 2009 a les 09:40 -0700, en/na bdubu va escriure:
> The code I provided in my earlier post is merely a possible workaround to the
> problem.  The problem occurs when I simply drag containers/widgets on to the
> form and then compile.  After having corrected the "Inotify watch limit"
> issue reported at startup when monodevelop is run from terminal, I ran some
> tests so that I could better understand the problem.  It appears that the
> problem occurs only if certain widgets are dropped directly onto a notebook
> page.  If I drop these controls into another container first, everything
> works just fine.  Here are some of the tests I ran:
> - Textview dropped directly onto a notebook page -- fails
> - Treeview dropped directly onto a notebook page -- fails
> - Textview, Treeview and Calendar in a vbox on a notebook -- works fine
> - Textview and Treeview in a hpaned on a notebook -- works fine
> Here's another possible clue.  I drop a notebook onto the form.  It's tab
> says "Page 1".  I then drop a textview onto the notebook's page and compile. 
> The tab still says "Page 1".  If I then delete the textview, the "Page 1"
> suddenly changes to "Page 0".  This only happens if I compile first.  If I
> delete the textview without having compiled first, the tab doesn't change. 
> Thanks.
> Andrew York-2 wrote:
> > 
> > It may seem really simple but where in your declaration is this code? Is 
> > there a "Show()" statement after the code you have shown us?
> > 

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