[MonoDevelop] SourceView control outside MD..

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Mon Jul 13 00:48:03 EDT 2009


> First the more obvious one, can be the current MD 2.0 source code 
> control be used outside MD in a kind of *simple* way? (simple meaning 
> without need to use the complete MD code as dependencie..)

Yes, just look at the Mono.TextEditor assembly. It contains a syntax
highlighting managed text editor.

> how easy/hard can be provide some basic c# colour syntax and 
> autocompletation using that control?

Autocompletion would be hard ... (in fact you need a half monodevelop to
do that :)).

> Finally, where in the MD sources I have to look at to find that 
> control?, can be used using the compiled libraries included when MD is 
> installed??

See comment above.


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