[MonoDevelop] Also a DEPLOY TO WEB problem

clemenslinders clemenslinders at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 10 08:42:34 EDT 2009


I'm not sure if my problem has to do with my XSP 2 server startup error, but
I would guess not. This error I posted here just some minutes ago.

I have a Windows XP computer with VS2005 C#.

In VS2005 I created a new aspx.net website. With just a label and the text
property for the label is "Hello". So I would say you cannot get more basic
than that.

I opened MonoDevelop, opened the recently created solution. And Building the
project works just fine (at least no errors are reported).

Than I try to deploy this solution.

And now I get an error that would lead me to believe that there is a bug, or
perhaps VS 2005 solutions cannot be ported by opening them in MonoDevelop??

I get the following error:
SystemIOFileNotFoundException: Cannot find file C:\Documents and

Indeed this file doesn't exist. But at that location there is a

The extension.mdb would perhaps suggest a database file?? Doesn MS-Access
have .mdb files?
As mentioned this test website just has a label with a text property. There
is no database used, coupled, linked or whatever.

I get the idea that the extension .mdb is added incorrectly to the first
file it should process. I know it is possible to create files with double
extensions like .xxx.yyy but I would not expect that here.

So could this be a bug????

Am I doing something completely wrong??

I just want a website that I create with VS2005 to be loaded in MonoDevelop
and than port it to Linux so that I can use a regular internet host, to host
my website. 

If I'm doing something completely wrong, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Clemens Linders

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