[MonoDevelop] Widget made with Stetic out of scope

Andrew York andy at brdstudio.net
Thu Jul 2 14:41:17 EDT 2009

Normally this happens to me when I have changed the namespace and forgot 
to changes it in the stetic file. The file that has the gui in it and 
the stetic file are created assuming that you won't be changing the 
namespace or the class name. Or at least I'm pretty sure that's the case.

I hope that helps.

Spoody Goon

Jeff Cook wrote:
> Hello all. I am using monodevelop 2 and though a widget on the design
> view of a dialog I'm designing is available within the autocomplete
> scope and seems to be set correctly in stetic, and is visible therein,
> when I attempt to build my project I'm told the widget does not exist
> in the context. Can you all help me with this? It's been slowing me
> down for a while. Not sure if I just forgot to hook something up this
> time or if it's a bug in MonoDevelop or what.
> Thanks
> Signed
> Jeff
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