[MonoDevelop] Getting the Smokey addin working.

Oliver Stieber oliver.stieber at ukplc.net
Thu Feb 12 06:32:44 EST 2009

	There's an addin for smokey that floating around on the web but
it's for version 0.17.0 of mono develop and doesn't work with 1.0.0 or I
assume the latest 2.0a. I've had a bit of a play around with it. I put
the addin.xml file in the assembly as a resource, I think I amended the
entries in the file (no default handler) and put some attributes on the
handlers Run and Update methods. After all this is still doesn't work so
there must be something I missing that's required to get addins working.
Can anyone assist me in getting this addin working. I'm quite happy to
document the process so there's some documentation on writing addins for
other people and I'm keen to write other addins or improve the smokey
one when I know how to write them.

	Oliver Stieber

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