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Vladimir Giszpenc vgiszpenc at dsci.com
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Trying to add a variable to the watch window resulted in a crash for me but I probably did it wrong.




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I'm also having problems with debugging.
My biggest problem is that if I add a watch, I have to move on (F11/F10) to the next line to see the actual result/value of that object. Because by the default it gets the value from the previously watched object (I mean in the list in Watch window).

And It would be great if MonoDevelop would support some special objects like VS does, for example: Queue, List, Stack, etc. So it should show me the values only in the Watch window not the raw content of the object. I hope you can understand me :)

But anyway, it's really good to have this great piece of software!

On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 8:45 PM, Vladimir Giszpenc wrote:

Hi Lluis et al,


Should users be reporting bugs/enhancement requests against the debugger yet (1.9.2), or is it too soon?  


Phantom break points that I can't clear.  They were set.  They once were reached.  They were unset.  They halt execution anyway.

I would like enums to show up by name (maybe in parentheses).  

Why is pushing the Run button not the same as hitting Debug as opposed to Run for a debug configuration?

Crashes are obviously bad.


I want to help, not just complain.  I am very happy to have something.  I just don't want to slow you down.


Many thanks,



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