[MonoDevelop] Getting the Smokey addin working.

Oliver Stieber oliver.stieber at ukplc.net
Thu Feb 12 13:58:16 EST 2009

Ok, I'm happy to maintain the addin as soon as I know how it works!. My
intention is to eventually use a real time parser and write something
like ReSharper for MonoDevelop. I thought smokey / Gendarme would be a
good place to start to get this kind of framework into MonoDevelop.

If you can help me with understanding exactly what has to go into a
addin and maybe a little about how the interfaces between different
addins work I'm quite happy to write some documentation (or extend the
existing documentation that currently shows the binding points) so that
other people can write addins more easily, it would also make my job of
finding out what to do a little less painful and more productive.

If I can get something like ReSharper working in MonoDevelop then I can
switch a lot of my at work development over to it, so I can quite
actively maintain it whilst I'm still employed at my company (I'm not
planning on leaving anytime soon and I very much doubt they will ever
want to get rid of me) and put a few hours a week into development and
generally improving monodevelop.

There are a couple of other people in my company that may also help with
monodevelop, were quite pro open source from the Director down.

	Oliver Stieber.

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On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 6:46 AM, Oliver Stieber
<oliver.stieber at ukplc.net> wrote:
> Hi,
>        There's an addin for smokey that floating around on the web but
> it's for version 0.17.0 of mono develop and doesn't work with 1.0.0 or
> assume the latest 2.0a. I've had a bit of a play around with it. I put
> the addin.xml file in the assembly as a resource, I think I amended
> entries in the file (no default handler) and put some attributes on
> handlers Run and Update methods. After all this is still doesn't work
> there must be something I missing that's required to get addins
> Can anyone assist me in getting this addin working. I'm quite happy to
> document the process so there's some documentation on writing addins
> other people and I'm keen to write other addins or improve the smokey
> one when I know how to write them.

The Smokey and Gendarme addins were merged and moved inte MonoDevelop
SVN: extras/CodeAnalysis

However, they are unfinished and have no maintainer. We are looking
for someone to take on the task, but no-one has stepped up yet.

Because the Smokey author has started contributing to Gendarme, IMO it
would be best to drop Smokey support, as it introduces large
abstractions into the addin.

Michael Hutchinson

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