[MonoDevelop] The Difference between Debug and Run

Charles Mason charlie.mas at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 10:00:11 EST 2009

Hi All,

I am running a recent SVN trunk build of mono develop. I am
experiencing some strange behaviours when I run my app in mono
develop. I am fairly confident this isn't a mono develop issue.
Basically when I run my app normally or via the run command in mono
develop one of its threads passing an audio buffer to OpenAL (the new
software based linux implementation of OpenAL) never returns from the
native call. When I run it with no break points set via debug it works
perfectly. Incidentally with the old reference implementation of Open
AL it works fine, although that is missing some features I need.

So my question is what's the technical difference between launching it
using Run and launching it via Debug in mono develop. Clearly having
the debugger attached creates some overhead, so threads are likely to
execute in an order they might not other wise do. Are there any other
differences that might have an effect?

Charlie M

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