[MonoDevelop] Where to learn MonoDevelop C#?

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 15:56:03 EST 2009

On 02/08/2009 08:26 AM, xyanroot wrote:
> Hello Community,
> i've downloaded MonoDevelop IDE for Ubuntu 8.10 and saw some Video-Tutorials
> (SimpleGui and CustomerWidget). My question is, how can i go on learning?
> I've tried some C# communities but most of the code isn't compatible with
> MonoDevelop - i get many error while compiling.

You should share your errors.  Mono is really quite compatible with most 
common .NET APIs, so it's likely you have some sort of setup error, or 
forgot to add references, or something like that.

Questions like that might be best for mono-list, as this list is really 
about the IDE itself.


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