[MonoDevelop] Content files are not properly copied.

Ventsislav Mladenov ventsislav.mladenov at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 06:04:22 EST 2009

I have a VS 2008 project with one executable assembly and one library 
The output path of second one is set to "bin\Debug" of first and there 
is a folder "Resources" in it (images and xml files). - All are with 
"Build action" - "Content" and their property "Copy to Output Directory" 
is set to "Copy always".
There is a different behavior in VS 2008 and MD 2.0 alfa 2:
1. VS 2008 creates a directory Resources in bin\Debug and place there 
content files.
2. MD copy content files in bin\Debug folder.
My project is looking for Resource folder and it fails when I run it 
with MonoDevelop.

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