[MonoDevelop] Tabs to indent in text editor?

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 14:59:10 EST 2009

I recently moved a little Python project into the MonoDevelop 2.0
alphas. Fairly impressive stuff in here :)

However, when I actually started working, I noticed something
horrifying. Any automatic indentation was being done with 4 spaces!
All of my earlier source code was indented with tabs. I prefer it that
way, and will continue to prefer it that way as long as text editors
require me to escape 4 characters to unindent. (In other words: If
it's going to quietly indent with spaces, why can't it make those 4
spaces feel like a single character?)

The tabs vs. spaces flamewar is for another place, though. What I am
wondering is: How can I configure this? I found Text Style under
project and solution options, which lets me configure tab width in
spaces. It also lets me convert tabs to spaces (no thank you). Any way
to tell it "save some energy and indent with a single tab character
For the time being I have had to turn off smart indenting, but that's
rather an ugly band-aid type solution.


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