[MonoDevelop] No GTK# version when creating new project

Lluis Sanchez Gual slluis.devel at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 06:30:03 EST 2009

Make sure you have the devel package for gtk-sharp2 installed (it could
be named gtk-sharp2-devel or similar).


El dg 13 de 12 de 2009 a les 00:38 -0800, en/na ObsoleteAcey va
> Not sure if this is the exact forum to post in, as I'm unsure if it's
> MonoDevelop or GTK# causing the issue but here goes....
> I've installed all the packages for Mono and MonoDevelop on my 64bit
> installation of Fedora 12.. however when I go to start a new GTK# project, I
> can't select any GTK# version, as there is none to select!  I can still
> proceed by double-clicking the GTK# combo (a bit maybe?), but all my libs
> (atk-sharp, gdk-sharp, glade-sharp, glib-sharp, gtk-sharp and pango-sharp)
> show in red.  Double clicking them brings up an error saying "File not
> found: home/Stefan/atk-sharp, version=" etc etc. However when I look
> in the /usr/lib64/mono directory, I can clearly see all the libraries
> required right there (however they are different versions to those in the
> error messages previously stated).
> Can anyone shed any light at all as to why my GTK# version does not show?  I
> suspect this is the root of my other issues

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