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Davyd McColl davydm at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 01:52:23 EST 2009

Good day

I've been watching MonoDevelop for a while now. It has *so* many features
which are just fantastic -- I would love to use it instead of VS.

I just have two questions which I'm unable to answer for myself when
googling and trawling the MonoDevelop site. Perhaps I'm missing the obvious,
but I would appreciate any input.

I downloaded the latest beta (2.2b2) to check out the "latest and greatest".
The IDE itself seems fantastic, I'm just unable to open existing .vcproj
files. Now, I'm more of a native c++ dev than a .net dev, so the support for
native c++ in MonoDevelop really piques my interest -- however, if I can't
open or at least import a .vcproj, I'm afraid I can't switch: I work in a
team environment where others will continue to use VS2008 so I have to make
sure that I'm not rocking the boat (too much (: ).

When I try to open a .sln which references .vcproj files, I get one message
per project, of the form:

<solution name>: Unsupported or unrecognized project: <project name>

If I try to open the project directly, I have to enable "all files" in the
file browser to be able to select a .vcproj and then the project is launched
in VS2008, not in MonoDevelop.

Now, from what I've read online, I *should* be able to open VS2008 projects
-- or am I just imagining things? I've done a very simple "hello
world"-style native c++ project and it compiles nicely with my local g++
compiler, producing valid output -- so the only thing I'm missing to be able
to dev in MonoDevelop is being able to open my projects.... Please help (:

The other thing is that I notice there is an addin manager with support for
online repositories. Great! Except that the repo mentioned in the addin
manager doesn't seem to work (I get a 404) and I can't seem to find another
that does work. If memory serves, the original repo was at:
http://go-mono.com/md/2.1.1 (I have to do this from memory since I removed
it and since I can't access it, I can't re-add it)
I've also tried:
http://go-mono.com/md to no avail.
Once again, any assistance appreciated

There is no shame in not knowing; the shame is in not finding out.
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