[MonoDevelop] Quick finder

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Thu Dec 3 11:51:18 EST 2009


>       * Drop downs in gtk only have one arrow (not two), pointing down.

Doesn't mean that this is good idea using one arrow. The evolution mail
editor in which I type has two arrows for it's combo boxes - why ? Isn't
evolution a gtk application ?
I checked other programs combo boxes and it's not unusual using two
arrows for this type of combo box.

>       * It should use gtk's drawing primitives to draw the arrow and the
>         vertical separator.

I do for the arrows - the separator doesn't really look good using them,
that's the downside when drawing an own control :/

>       * Keyboard down't work in the popup list.

Ok I forgot to add keybord support.

>       * The mouse over color is darker than the normal color, while in
>         all other controls it is lighter.

Here could need some help - I don't know which colors I should use.
Currently I use some colors from the Style object but I wasn't able to
find the right colors there. 


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