[MonoDevelop] Addin to post to pastebin from within MonoDevelop

Anirudh anirudh at anirudhsanjeev.org
Sat Aug 22 05:03:40 EDT 2009


I wrote a small addin for MonoDevelop which adds a little option to send the
contents of a selection or an entire file to Pastebin. This should make
combined debugging a lot more easier :). It's easy enough to use, allows you
to specify a different subdomain for pasting (pastes by default to
csharp.pastebin.com) and you can specify how long you want the snippet to

I have put up a screenshot of the addin here - http://imgur.com/WxLQ2.png .I
have also attached a .dll which can be placed in your addins directory and
start using it. It's stable enough for regular use, and you can get the code
for the pastebin addin from here:

To build, check out MonoDevelop.EditorTools into extras, and build against a
built copy of MonoDevelop (and make sure that the newer version of the
assemblies are present in your search path). This has been tested against
trunk. It builds an addin directly into main/build/addins. I hope to merge
this into the MonoDevelop trunk though it's a really really small feature.
Looking forward for your feedback.

I need some help with these things:
1. The "Copy link" button does not work because I don't know how to use the
2. I need to retrieve the user's name from the settings
3. I need to remember things like subdomain, name, etc and load them up. Is
there some rough settings/propertybag item I can use that is IDE-wide?


Senior undergraduate student, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.
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