[MonoDevelop] Hickups when loading solution, building, possibly others

Oskar Berggren oskar.berggren at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 09:36:29 EDT 2009


I've built Mono 2.4 and monodevelop 2.0 from svn (the stable branches)
some time ago. I'm noticing a behavior where monodevelop seems to
hang, and doesn't continue until I cause some gui events to occur.
Most often I switch between some tabs, but other events may perhaps
work as well.

Example: I have a save solution that had several files open when I
last closed it. When opening this, MD may load the solution tree and
perhaps open two document tabs but then just sit there, with the
progressbar not increasing and the statusbar containing a file name.
GUI is in general responsive. When I click on perhaps "Error List" or
similar tab the application wakes up again and loads the rest of the

Another example: I have a solution with web projects open, and request
a build. The build operation may now seem to hang after having
outputted "Generating CodeBehind members...". GUI is in general
responsive, but the build does not seem to continue until I click on
something in the gui.

Comment #3 in this bug seem to describe the same/similar issue:

Question then... Can it believed that this issue is the same as the
original topic of that bug report, or is it likely to be different.
Has anyone else noticed this issue?

I can of course do more digging for stack traces, etc., if I find the
time, but I thought I'd just ask first if a similar behavior is
already known.


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