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Tony Alexander Hild tony_hild at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 5 23:24:39 EDT 2009

Thanks, I'm back in business.

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On Wed, 2009-08-05 at 13:35 -0700, Tony Alexander Hild wrote:

> I also tried gtk-sharp-2.8.5 and 2.12-branch, but I can't compile due
> this errors:
> generated/PangoHelper.cs(17,76): error CS0039: Cannot convert type
> `GLib.Object' to `Pango.Context' via a built-in
> conversion                                                                                              
> generated/PangoHelper.cs(52,76): error CS0039: Cannot convert type
> `GLib.Object' to `Pango.Context' via a built-in
> conversion                                                                                              
> generated/PangoRenderer.cs(14,61): error CS1502: The best overloaded
> method match for `Pango.Renderer.Renderer(GLib.GType)' has some
> invalid arguments 

You should use 2.12 branch.  

This error is because you have a policy.2.12.*.dll installed for all
your gtk-sharp assemblies because you installed trunk and didn't
uninstall before installing 2.12, most likely.  If you remove all of the
policy.2.12.* directories from prefix/lib/mono/gac you will probably be
back in business.  

Or you could rebuild your prefix from scratch, like I normally do when
changing gtk-sharp versions.

Mike Kestner <mkestner at gmail.com>

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