[MonoDevelop] Windows Apps and MonoDevelop 2.0

buhochileno at gmail.com buhochileno at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 12:37:25 EDT 2009

beetle2001 wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I`m interested in abilities of Monodevelop 2.0 to work with Windows
> applications.
> So I have some questions about it:
> 1) Is it possible to DEBUG WinForms applications in MonoDevelop 2.0 ? Not to
> Run but to DEBUG!
Yeap, is posible to run or debug winform apps in MD-2.0
> 2) Is it possible to write WinForms applications from scratch in MonoDevelop
> 2.0.? So that I could take binary files produced by MonoDevelop 2.0 and
> could run them WITHOUT ANY MODIFICATIONS in windows? If so please tell me
> this type of projects in MonoDevelop 2.0 as I don`t see WinForms project
> type while creating project in MonoDevelop 2.0. 
Yeap, can be writed from scratch, but there is no special project type
becouse MD don't have a integrated winform designer, so you can use a
console app and write the winform by hand  (with full code
autocompletation, etc..) or make the design part on vs.net and include
the files in MD (do you see it Michael this kind of request again and
again, how dificult can be integrate the current MWF on MD and use that
work as a introductory tool for windows developers...)

> 3) Where should I take C# assemblies to work with MySQL - as I don`t have
> such assemblies with Mono 2/4 and Monodevelop 2/0 by default. So where to
> take them and how to make them work?
Those are the byteFx assemblies if I'm correct, witch can be find it at
distro repos or be compiled from sources....



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