[MonoDevelop] Visibility of GAC Dll's

Dan Winslow DWinslow at aiminstitute.org
Tue Apr 28 12:20:49 EDT 2009

Thanks, thats interesting...I get the feeling that there is some desire to escape some of the dll-hell type messes that can occur on MS platforms. At any rate, from that message this :

> The GAC tab is for referencing *properly* installed libraries. Some
> library you just gacutil -i'd is *NOT* properly installed.

makes me wonder...if I download a Dll ( in this case, a windows-version MySql dll ), should I do anything else besides just adding it as an assembly reference? Do I even need to do a gacutil -i on it? Do I need to make a pc file for it?

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> I can't help but ask, though, why would MD not use the GAC?

There are a few reasons, but this message touches on one of the core problems:


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