[MonoDevelop] Autogeneration of .gitignore for MD projects

Jan Hudec bulb at ucw.cz
Mon Apr 27 14:39:55 EDT 2009

Andy <andy <at> ninjagod.com> writes:
> Hi,I use git to track two MD projects. If you have used git, you probably
> know that to stage changes into a commit, you have to add them - each time
> you make a commit. You can either add all the files that have changed or add
> them individually. Most people do "git add ." which does the former.

I can't confirm that (*). I have not done any survey, but I don't think
'git add .' would be a particularly common thing to do.

You can either use 'git commit -a', which gives you the same behaviour as
'svn commit', namely it updates all files git already knew about, but does
not add any new ones. Or you can use 'git add -u', which is the same thing,
without the commit bit.

But my impression is, that git hackers actually add individual files whenever
they get them in some consistent state, often even carefuly pick individual
hunks with 'git add -i' (or use the equivalent operations in git gui).

All that said, the ignore list is indeed a good thing. But it should mostly
be constant for all MD projects. So far I get away with:


(I did not try any installer or localization projects yet, so there may be a
few extras, but it should be mostly constant for each project type.)


(*) I've followed git mailing list for some time, read quite a bit about it
and understand most of the principles.

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