[MonoDevelop] Autogeneration of .gitignore for MD projects

Andy andy at ninjagod.com
Sun Apr 26 12:56:23 EDT 2009


I use git to track two MD projects. If you have used git, you probably know
that to stage changes into a commit, you have to add them - each time you
make a commit. You can either add all the files that have changed or add
them individually. Most people do "git add ." which does the former. This
causes all new/changed files from build files, user preferences, etc, etc to
be changed. This is different from svn/cvs where only files specifically
added are tracked perpetually.

The only way around this is to write a ".gitignore" file which contains
specific rules to ignore specific files - usually build files and files that
are seperate for each user and don't need to be tracked.

My suggestion is that MD should create a .gitignore file by default
containing a list of rules which should make it less error-prone for the
user. This may include the userprefs file, the output paths, and any others
I haven't encountered yet. You can mention this is autogenerated. I feel
that it won't really affect people who don't or will never use git to track
their MD projects, but since it will be hidden, it definitely will not hurt.


Anirudh Sanjeev
Fourth Year Undergrad, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
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