[MonoDevelop] Stripped down GTK# notebook tabs for

Vladimir Giszpenc vgiszpenc at dsci.com
Tue Apr 21 08:01:25 EDT 2009

Please allow me to give my two cents.

> I wonder then if, for this specific problem, we should go again with
> the
> old-firefox-approach of having just only one (X)Close button at the
> right-upper corner of the tab notebook (don't know if it's possible
> with
> Gtk+ though).

Why not go towards the new browser on the block (Google Chrome)?  They
take all the options given and progressively apply them.
1.  I like no icon for .cs files or at least losing those icons early.
2.  All tabs have a close button initially.  As tabs shrink, the tabs
farthest from the active one start losing the close button first until
all but active lose it.
3.  Icons go away in a similar fashion (though the active tab loses icon
4.  Right click on tab pulls up a menu allowing closing of any tab
(where you right click).



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