[MonoDevelop] debugging an ASP.NET app in monodevelop

Daniel Soto daniel.soto2k at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 23:36:50 EDT 2009

Hi, everyone.

It's possible to debug an asp.net application using monodevelop 2.0? I
didn't found a way to debugging with it. I put a breakpoint but the
execution does not stop. Inclusively, using multiple projects in a
solution, if I put a breakpoint in a line of my class library, the
execution neither stops.

Only console or windows forms, or GTK# applications can be debug.

Anyone can help me? According to Mono website, XSP runs in Release mode
by default, but it's possible to debug with XSP in Debug mode,
generating debug symbols and running in debug mode with
MONO_OPTIONS=--debug xsp2. 

In monodevelop it's possible do this? How?


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