[MonoDevelop] I need some feedback on the automatic code

Vladimir Giszpenc vgiszpenc at dsci.com
Fri Apr 10 07:53:23 EDT 2009

> I need some input from our users if this is a good default setting to
> turn it of. The point is that some people type variables/methods not
> yet
> declared and the code completion and the code completion completes the
> variable to smothing that is 'valid' (for examlple -> i<space> becomes
> if).

I like tab completion as I call it.  I learned to love it when bash had
it and DOS did not.  On the other hand, if the mouse is in the wrong
place, it will override any amount of suggestion.  This is frustrating
to no end.


foo.B<Ctrl-space> there is only one B property which should result in
Foo.Bar but because of the mouse 
   .Xpected[Mouse is here] Bar will never happen

I personally feel that i<space> should result in nothing but i<space>.
If you want the if, you should use a tab which almost cannot occur in
code because of intelligent tabbing.  You took the tab away.  We can
live with that, please don't take the space away. :)  You could use ctrl
space or something else like that if tab is considered ambiguous but
users who want completion should opt in as opposed to others opting out.
I am all for the IDE always suggesting something.  I just don't want it
to take it's suggestion over what a user types.

Mes deux centimes.



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