[MonoDevelop] I need some feedback on the automatic code completion

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Fri Apr 10 03:47:45 EDT 2009


Some people don't like the new automatic code completion. Maybe we
should turn it off by default. 

I need some input from our users if this is a good default setting to
turn it of. The point is that some people type variables/methods not yet
declared and the code completion and the code completion completes the
variable to smothing that is 'valid' (for examlple -> i<space> becomes 

This is something that can be annoying (I tend to close the code
completion window in these cases) - I'm used to the automatic code
completion therefore I'm a bit biased on that feature :)

How about:

* shift+space to override the code completion and always NOT complete
(like vim - just insert space without any magic).

* make undo a bit more intelligent. For example:
"i"<space> becomes "if<space>" now undo does : "i". How about undo undos
it to "i<space>" ?


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