[MonoDevelop] Register a simple Add-In

Thomas Krieger p.o.k at web.de
Tue Apr 7 10:24:40 EDT 2009

Hello to all!

first thanks to all the developers of monodevelop 2.0! At the moment i
would like to extend the given ide with
my own add-ins. My idea is to develop some UML Editor. Because MonoUML
don't seem to get continued. I implemented some Dia Library on Cairo.
And now i wanted to try to get the base structer of an own add-in with
my own UML Modelling Project Type.

So i read your Article: "Creating a simple addin" and some stuff from
the Mono.Addin Reference guide.
When i try to copy my first simple Add-In (As an assembly) with only an
empty class and the resource of an ".addins.xml" file to
"~/.config/MonoDevelop/addins" like described in "Creating a simple
addin", the folder was missing on my side. The only structure i can see
is the "addin-db" folder structure. So i looked around but cannot find
any "addins" directory of MonoDevelop 2.0 and no point of starting with
my own Add-In.

Can anyone help me how to register this extension to monodevelop.

Thanks in advance!


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