[MonoDevelop] Help Installing monodevelop 2.0

Carlos Ruiz Diaz carlos.ruizdiaz at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 19:57:42 EDT 2009


I'm having problems installing the mentioned version of monodevelop on
opensuse 10.3 with mono-2.4, the last release.

After following the steps listed in http://monodevelop.com/Download I
installed all the packages in exactly this order:

    *  Mono.Addins 0.3.1
    * Gtk# 2.8.5
    * Monodoc 2.0
    * MonoDevelop Source

but using Gtk# 2.12.8 instead of Gtk# 2.8.5 because of a compilation problem
with the older version.

Finishing, I executed monodevelop command from terminal but during startup
its stderr show lots of FileNotFoundException. The first one with
Monodevelop.Deployment and then with almost all dependencies and plugins.

I also tried with the one-click-install but with worse results.

Please help, I am a very active C# developer and this new monodevelop will
be very useful for me.

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