[MonoDevelop] Help to install Monodevelop

Thiago thiagormp at yahoo.com.br
Mon Sep 29 21:11:48 EDT 2008

Good night

I using Fedora 4 (64bits) and i try to install monodevelop version 1.0.
After upgrade the glib, gtk and others packages i can install the
monodevelop. But when i try to use a exception ocorrence like undefined
symbol gtk_widget_modify_cursor. 

I invesgate by my self, and discovery that the libray gtksourceview
don't link with this functions. In my libgtk-x11-2.0.so i find this
function normal, but i can't link with the gtksourceview. I think that
i'm doing something wrong when i'try to compile gtksourceview.

Anyone have any idea for i can compile the gtksourceview corret?

I'm using the gtksourceview-2.0.2.

Thanks for atencion and sorry be my poor english.

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