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2008/9/16 Michael Hutchinson <m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com>:

> Here's an ascii mockup of my proposed tweaks:
> Name:              [_________________]
> Namespace:   [_________________]
> Modifiers:         [x] Public   [x] Partial
>                           [x] Static   [x] Abstract
> Inherits:    [________________] [Add][Remove]
> ---------------------TreeView--------------------
> Name                          Implement  Explicit
> ------------------------------------------------------
> BaseClass1               [x]
>  - Method (...)             [x]
>  - Property1                [x]
>       - get                       [x]
>       - set                       [x]
> Interface                      [x]                  [ ]
>  -- Method2                [x]                  [x]
> -------------------------------------------------------
>         [cancel][more options][create class]

I created now a similar GUI:

The upper part is identically.

I distinguish between interface and base class because I think that's much
easier for the user to search so for both.

Since I don't understand what "explicit" in this context means I
didn't add it ;)

> The "TreeView" would behave like the existing override/implement dialog
> "Inherits" would track the class/interface selection in the treeview
> so that it's clear what the "Remove" button applies to.
> "Namespace" and "Inherits" would autocomplete
> "Name" would validate for conflicts and invalid characters.

My objective is to create a Gui where I can go trough with the keyboard
Base Class and Interface are autocompletition fields
namespace and name have the behaviour listed by Michael

The "Remove" button belongs to the treeview to delete a focused base
class or a interface

If the user tries to add a BaseClass and still a BaseClass was already
added I tought to open a dialog which asks if the user want to
override the BaseClass already added.

At last I have a question about TreeView.
In http://www.student.tugraz.at/monichi/mono/form_version_4_5.png
I marked the toggleBoxes in row 1 and row 3. Is it possible to hide
the marked ToggleBoxes and let visible the other boxes?

My code for the toggle boxes is:

     // create column
     TreeViewColumn col_3 = new TreeViewColumn();
     col_3.Title = "implement";
     CellRendererToggle renderer_3 = new CellRendererToggle();
     renderer_3.Xalign = 0.0f;
     renderer_3.Xpad = 5;
     renderer_3.Activatable = true;
     renderer_3.Toggled +=new ToggledHandler(rendererToggle_Toggled);
     renderer_3.Mode = CellRendererMode.Activatable;
     col_3.PackStart(renderer_3, true);

     col_3.AddAttribute (renderer_3, "active", 2);

maybe someone knows how to do this

thx in advance



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