[MonoDevelop] Task Class Wizard

Jensen Somers foss at jsomers.eu
Wed Sep 10 04:15:59 EDT 2008


dave wrote:
> Hello,
> I started already with the Class Wizard task on [3].
> Since I'm not sure how to understand this task I created some
> screenshots and some modified screenshots to show you my ideas.
> AddClass Button already added in the menu [0].
> Actual menu [1], which I don't like really for a Class Wizard menu.
> Maybe a new PopUp window could be better? It's up to you!!
> Not really nice but hopefully this picture is able to show you what I
> will do [2]. But I'm not sure if I have to integrate the new wizard in
> this popup.
> The blue fields are fields where the user can write the names. For
> interfaces and base classes makes sense to accept a comma separeted
> list.
> Additionally for Namespace, BaseClass and Interface it makes sense to
> add some search function or automatically completition.
> The method list below should become a list where the user can choose
> to override the method or not. A user have to override Interface
> methods!
> Like already spoken I'm not sure if I have to integrate the Wizard
> like in [2]. What's happen with the left menu? Should I put it in the
> General item oder Gtk? Both solutions are not really possible.
> Maybe a new menu item "New Class" resolves this problem but is not
> really a good solution. But that's only my opinion and I don't know
> much about big software projects ;)
> Hopefully my english was understandable otherwise simple ask ;)
> best regards
> david
> [0] http://www.student.tugraz.at/monichi/mono/menu_class.png
> [1] http://www.student.tugraz.at/monichi/mono/form_class.png
> [2] http://www.student.tugraz.at/monichi/mono/form_class_modified.png
> [3] http://www.monodevelop.com/TODO


I'm no expert either, but maybe [1] can be extended to hold a 'Next' and 
'Finish' button in stead of the existing 'New' button. People who only 
need an empty file can click the 'Finish' button directly, people who 
want the class designer can click the 'Next' button which shows a new 
window where they can input different things depending on the type of 
file they chose. (class, interface, enum...)

I'm working with Eclipse PDT nowadays and that's sort of what they do 
which works nicely.

- Jensen

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