[MonoDevelop] Debian testing and developing mono

dave knottnhupfer at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 01:18:21 EDT 2008


probably I have some time left in the next few months so I thougt
about to try to work on some open tasks on the todo-list. I thought
about to start with the "Class Wizard" on

Now I have a big problem, I'm not able to compile the monodevelop code.

Automake was to old so I installed the unstable version(1.10),
afterwards mono was to old. I tried the same but he will delete and
update a lot of package on my debian testing. I don't want do it if
there is a other way ;)

So my question, is tere a easier way to develop monodevelop on a
debian testing machine or have I to upgrade to debian unstable?

I'm glade for every hint



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