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Hi all:        i'm making some change on a WebReference addin, and i have some questions, maybe someone could help me:My idea is to use App.Config file to store the URL of the referenced WebServices (this is usefull beacause some times some application needs to be deployed against one server and then set the definitive server).
My questions are:
I have a project field like:DotNetProject project = CurrentNode.GetParentDataItem (typeof(DotNetProject), true) as DotNetProject;
This project field let me add files to the project.
1° Question: Do i have to create a file with System.IO.File.Create() and then add to the project, or does MD has built in Class/Object/Method to do this. Maybe i could create the file when doesn't exist and then add to the project and it's ok. Right now i have something like:
(untested code)
using (FileStream myStream = File.Create ("app.config"))
     // Some write operations and more.
     myStream.Close ();
ProjectFile file=  new .....
... Set some properties to the project file ...
project.Files.Add (file);
2° Question: If the file already exists on project, do i've to open like any other file? Or maybe it is a built in Class/Object/Method to do this? 
3° Queston: Beacause app.config is XML based file, could i use Linq2Xml ? (Maybe it is not authorized to depend on this assembly).
4° Question: If i modify the file Addins/MonoDevelop.WebReference/MonoDevelop.WebReference.Dialogs/WebReferenceDialog.cs with stetic, i need then to "re-generate" the UI c# files. The question is: Does autotools regenerate this files? If not, how do i do? (I try re-building this project, and the project become inconsistent, the UI generated file doesn't work) I guess that monodevelop doesn't run inside monodevelop, i'm right? or is my behavior? (every time that i change WebReference addin, i remove MonoDevelop.WebReference.dll from main/src/addins/MonoDevelop.WebReference/ and then make & make run)
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