[MonoDevelop] WebReference Addin Improvements

Lluis Sanchez Gual lluis at novell.com
Thu Oct 23 07:46:26 EDT 2008

Hi Luciano,

Thanks for the patch. Your code is using CodeSnippetStatement to insert
some C# code. This is not correct because it will not work when
generating code in other languages. You have to use CodeDom objects to
build the statements.


El dj 23 de 10 de 2008 a les 01:53 +0000, en/na Luciano _ va escriure:
> Hi All:
>          This is my *first* patch to MonoDevelop, so if made something
wrong, point me and i will try to fix it :)
> I attach a patch with and improvement, the proxy class now set a new
Constructor which accept a string as parameter with the Url of the Web
> The services has an Url property, by this way i have a short access to
the property in the constructor. [1]
> Please review it and/or commit :)
> [1] i will try to make a VStudio like approach patch in the future,
which use the Configuration File of the application to setup the default
> Thanks. 
> Lucian0
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