[MonoDevelop] Building Monodevelop on OpenSolaris

Zachary Richmond dev.ihsdoor at gmail.com
Mon Oct 20 12:11:51 EDT 2008

Christian Hergert wrote:
> To shore up your question about 32bit vs 64bit, I get the same problem
> on a purely 32bit build.

The awesome thing is that mono itself seems to install/run just fine.

What specific problem(s) do you have? all of the same? The privileges 
issue? The missing gtksharpglue-2 not found? The wrong ELF class?

Also did configure properly create Makefiles for you?  Since even 
rebuilding with the same environment, from same shell, I still had to 
manually edit makefiles, even though configure seems to find Mono.Addins 
properly.  I had to change the offending Makefiles from:

MONO_ADDINS_LIBS =  -r:/opt/mono/lib/mono/mono-addins/Mono.Addins.dll

and one (?)


where it was not referenced properly and gave a build error.  I really 
wish I could figure that one out, it is *highly* annoying to build, 
edit, build, edit,... Also I would rather figure out the problem than 
writing a script to fix it, so if anyone has a clue as to why this would 
go wrong I am more than willing to dig deeper.

> Strange that it runs under pfexec.  The only environment variables
> different in the pfexec shell was a slightly different $PATH.

 From what I have read, pfexec also changes privileges, similar to 
execution with sudo.  During installation, I did 'pfexec gmake install', 
but likely, since one can have different profiles, I should have a 
different one setup to do installs.


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