[MonoDevelop] Building Monodevelop on OpenSolaris

Zachary Richmond dev.ihsdoor at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 23:28:44 EDT 2008

Christian Hergert wrote:
> Can you try to run monodevelop with the following
> This should output all the information on attempts to load libraries.
Yes I have been using that since I did find that via google and that has 
been very helpful, also I have set MONO_LOG_MASK=dll,cfg

After seeing this fail over and over trying different things, on a whim 
I ran:

pfexec monodevelop  (like sudo on linux)

looking at the output:

Mono-INFO: DllImport loading: 'libglib-2.0.so.0'.
Mono-INFO: Searching for 'g_set_prgname'.
Mono-INFO: Probing 'g_set_prgname'.
Mono-INFO: Found as 'g_set_prgname'.

this is good and bad since there is some sort of permissions problem.
Now I think the only part holding me up, besides correcting the
permissions is:

System.DllNotFoundException: gtksharpglue-2

setting the log level helps, but the interesting thing is that 
libgtksharpglue-2.so is in /opt/mono/lib so for now eventhough it seems 
so close I can't get it to work.


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