[MonoDevelop] (Cross-)Develop & Deploy on Linux for Windows Targets

monodevelop at privus.de monodevelop at privus.de
Wed Oct 1 04:36:17 EDT 2008


I was very pleased by the VMware download for Mono. As a result, Mono
not only was a saved link for potential possible future nice-to-look-at
things, no, I tried it out in the very moment after downloading
following the Stetic tutorial Nate's Log Viewer.


Beside of trying out I now want to investigate how this product COULD
become useful for me in future.

With the help of VMware you easily can develop on a Unix machine and
then copy'n paste all onto a Windows machine.

However I would prefer to stay as long as possible with one host.

Therefore I wonder:

Is it possible to develop (or even better: cross-develop) and deploy on
a Linux host for a Windows target?

The Windows target either is a VMachine or a real machine, in case that
the real peripheral matters.


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