[MonoDevelop] How do I move UI components in Monodevelop alpha 2

alan battersby alan.battersby at ntlworld.com
Sat Nov 29 16:36:34 EST 2008

Mike Kestner wrote:
> The short answer is no, there is no cross-project copy/move support in
> the Gtk designer.
> If you want to do this manually, you will need to dig into the hidden
> gtk-gui folder in your sub-project.  It contains a file named gui.stetic
> which contains the design information for your components.  If your main
> project has designed objects, you will need to extract nodes from that
> xml document and insert them into the corresponding file in your main
> project, potentially updating some namespace info in type names.
> When we get around to having a single component per design file,
> hopefully in the 2.2 release, it will be easier to provide drag and drop
> capability for moving designed components around.
I did this, cut out the relevant part of gui.stetic and placed it in the
new gui.stetic. All seemed ok the UI builder recognised the code and
displayed the widget ok. Asked me if I wanted to attach to an existing
class or generate a new class. Options to attach to,  didnt include the
class I wanted so I generated a new class, but now this had an empty
build function. I then copied the existing build function and pasted it
in the required place and compiled. But I keep getting an error  see below

[Task:File=/home/alan/C# development/OTPaths
1.5/OTPaths/gtk-gui/OTPaths.PathChoice.cs, Line=27, Column=20,
Type=Error, Priority=Normal, Description=The type or namespace name
`BinContainer' does not exist in the namespace `Stetic'. Are you missing
an assembly reference?(CS0234)]

This is even though auto completion on Stetic shows BinContainer option
when editing auto generated code line highlighted below

 protected virtual void Build() {
            // Widget GenTemplates.PathChoice
************************* this causes error
            this.Name = "OTPaths.PathChoice";

If I comment this line out compiles with no error. Can I safely leave
this line out (I guess not) . What have I done wrong / missed ?


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