[MonoDevelop] Bugs fixing

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Wed Nov 26 23:59:54 EST 2008


Just take something you find appealing. It doesn't really make sense to
assign some bugs to you you don't want to fix :)

I don't know in which area you're most interrested in (text editor/gui
designer/project system etc.). But I think it would be best if you just
pick something.


> I would like to start participating in the development of Monodevelop.
> Please point me to some bugs with high priority (let's say, towards
> the 2.0 release) and relatively low complexity, for an initial
> learning mission. 
> I checked the bugzilla list, but there are 312 items in "reopen" and
> "new" stages, many of them are feature requests. So I don't have any
> idea what is required to be fixed first...
> Thank you,
> Miky-mak
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