[MonoDevelop] extras/*/*.pc.in files missing from SVN

Garrison, John (DOR) JohnGa at DOR.WA.GOV
Fri Nov 14 15:04:33 EST 2008

As you point out below, it will run from a "make run", but not after a
"make install".  Some probably just forgot to do an svn add.


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The .pc files simply specify where the addins's dlls can be found for
building addins that depend on them. Some addins do not have .pc file,
hence this message occurs, but you may ignore it safely.

If you have a problem running MD after building it, please try running
it using 'make run' and include the full terminal output in your message
to the list.

	On Nov 14, 2008 11:56 AM, "johnga" <johnga at dor.wa.gov> wrote:
	It looks like the extentions have been converted to packages,
but the pc.in
	files are missing.  So, the app won't start after an install.
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