[MonoDevelop] git integration with monodevelop

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Thu Nov 13 06:01:34 EST 2008

Christian Hergert wrote:
> By unmanaged, he means the [DllImport] which you would need to do the call
> to the extern in the shared library.
> Everyone that has chimed in has considered doing the git code before,
> believe us when we say we've thought about wrapping C.  In this case, it
> will be far more flexible in C#.  Especially since tools like silverlight do
> not allow DllImport's.

Well, browser plugins may have a fun time with git support, but it's so far
from my priority list I couldn't even poke it with a really long pole. The
fastest way forward is probably to hack on libgit2 and use C# micro-apps
to verify continually that the binding layer works properly, so that's what
I'll be doing. I should also state that while C# seems fun and all, my top
priority is to make the git library usable as quickly as possible so that
it can attract more attention from developers. That's why I think it's so
vitally important to get some few usable steps working fast (such as diffing
against the index, staging stuff for commit and creating a commit).

Once we have that much, basic IDE integration should be fairly easy, and
then people will want to do more so interest (hopefully from developers)
is likely to increase.

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