[MonoDevelop] git integration with monodevelop

Michael Hutchinson m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 18:56:47 EST 2008

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 5:22 AM, Andreas Ericsson <ae at op5.se> wrote:
> Recently, I've started learning C#. More for fun than anything else,
> but one of the mono core devs sniffed me out and said they've been
> thinking of porting jgit to C# to get a working IDE integration in
> monodevelop. Currently, the only option available (with IDE
> integration anyways) to the poor C# devs is either Microsoft's
> crappy VSS, or the less crappy but still far from fantastic
> Subversion.

I'm glad you're interested :-)

We do have an interface in MD for integrating VCS providers, and
although the only existing one is SVN, I believe some users are
working on bzr and perforce addins. I'd prefer to see git get
established as the default (D)VCS ...

Currently, to implement  a VCS provider one needs to subclass
VersionControlSystem, as demonstrated by the SVN provider:
We may need to extend the interfaces in order to expose more
DVCS-specific features, but I think it's best to find and fix these as
needed rather than speculatively implementing things.

> So in an effort to learn C#, I've decided to play along with this
> (hopefully with some help from the MonoDevelop team), but it seems
> to me that the best place to start is the fledgling libgit2 and link
> that with git-sharp. The primary reason for this is ofcourse that I
> think it'd be a terrible waste to have yet another from-scratch
> implementation of git in a new language (ruby, java, C#, C...). The
> secondary reason is that it would be neat to have more OSS projects
> use my favourite scm.

That's actually one of the reasons we'd like a full managed
implementation --it'd be trivial to include to with cross-platform
Mono-based apps without worrying about architecture, C dependencies,
etc. For example, Tomboy could use git to store its notes, so users
would have a versioned history and better synch/merge. Then, for
example, you could build a Silverlight version that would have full
history in local storage.

> Besides, getting something to rely on libgit2 early on is probably
> the best way to get more people interested in making development of
> it proceed rapidly.
> Thoughts anyone?

I hadn't heard of libgit2 (it looks pretty recent) but it looks
interesting -- at least stable APIs would no longer be a worry.
However, I think fully managed is the way to go, from the point of
view of much easier dependencies (on windows, mac, silverlight and
older linux distros) and licensing.

Michael Hutchinson

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