[MonoDevelop] git integration with monodevelop

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Wed Nov 12 05:22:37 EST 2008

Recently, I've started learning C#. More for fun than anything else,
but one of the mono core devs sniffed me out and said they've been
thinking of porting jgit to C# to get a working IDE integration in
monodevelop. Currently, the only option available (with IDE
integration anyways) to the poor C# devs is either Microsoft's
crappy VSS, or the less crappy but still far from fantastic

So in an effort to learn C#, I've decided to play along with this
(hopefully with some help from the MonoDevelop team), but it seems
to me that the best place to start is the fledgling libgit2 and link
that with git-sharp. The primary reason for this is ofcourse that I
think it'd be a terrible waste to have yet another from-scratch
implementation of git in a new language (ruby, java, C#, C...). The
secondary reason is that it would be neat to have more OSS projects
use my favourite scm.

Besides, getting something to rely on libgit2 early on is probably
the best way to get more people interested in making development of
it proceed rapidly.

Thoughts anyone?

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