[MonoDevelop] New Patch to MonoDevelop.WebReference Addin

Luciano _ lnc19 at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 2 19:29:28 EST 2008

     I attach 2 files:

     1) A screenshot of a new future (MonoDevelop.WebReference).
     2) The patch.

Explanation has two parts:

1) A minor "change" to delete command: Confirm Dialog when deleting a WebReference and the same for the "Delete All Reference".

2) The second part, and bigger, is a Future: with this patch WebReference let you select a Project to store the URL in the project app.config file. If the file (app.config) doesn't exists, it is created automatically with this key, if exists, and you have more keys in this file, it let you select one previous added key or add new one. If you update a WebReference that has a "Key" in the app.config file assigned and proxy was generated against this key, it re-creates the proxy class with this configuration reference.
I did this configuration per-project and not for the selected project beacause some times you've a project which is a library and you don't want to store the URL in this app.Config file, beacause is not the right one, you want to store it in the main Exe file or some other project. If you select a config key, the proxy class gets a new Constructor like:

public MyWebServices (bool useConfig)
    ...Config Managment here...

If you don't use this future, the web reference Url works like before.

Please, someone could review/commit it ?


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