[MonoDevelop] NVelocity syntax highlighting patch

Patrick McEvoy patrick at qmtech.net
Fri May 30 04:57:13 EDT 2008

Michael Hutchinson wrote:
> On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 9:44 AM, Patrick McEvoy <patrick at qmtech.net> wrote:
>> Hope this can help other MonoRails users on mono!
> <cut nvelocity highlighting patch>
> This patch raises some issues with our current handling of mimetypes.
> The monodevelop.xml files contains a set of mimetypes to be registered
> with the GNOME mimetype database, and the monodevelop.desktop file
> lists the mimetypes that MonoDevelop supposedly can open, which
> Nautilus (and Konqueror etc?) use to decide which apps to open files
> with. However, these don't fit well with our extension model. These
> are essentially being associated with MonoDevelop regardless of
> whether the extensions that can handle it are enabled. IMO MonoDevelop
> should only be associated with projects supported by the core:
> mdw/mds/mdp/mdproj/csproj/vbproj/sln (note that csproj and vbproj
> don't actually have to be C# or VB; they can contain arbitrary MSBuild
> projects)
Feel free to remove the changes to monodevelop.desktop file.
> A couple of points specific to this patch:
> * you need to register the mimetype with the MonoDevelop extesnions
> system too, as we no longer use the system mimetype database. I'm not
> sure what the best addin would be for this; maybe you could create a
> minimal MonoRail addin with some templates and stuff too?
I haven't needed to "register the mimetype with the MonoDevelop 
extensions system", I presume this is needed when creating an addin?

I do want to (and will at some point) create a complete addin, but lack 
of md knowledge and time are against me atm. I looked into it in the 
past, came to conclusion I needed to extend the asp.net addin, but 
couldn't see the best way to do it.

> * is text/x-nvelocity a mimetype used elsewhere? We can create new
> mimetypes, but they should be the same as other people use.
No it's not. While NVelocity was initially a fork of the Apache Velocity 
Project it has changed enough so that it requires it's own mimetype.


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