[MonoDevelop] Some minor usability suggestions

László Monda laci at monda.hu
Mon May 5 19:47:50 EDT 2008


* Binding a hotkey to the action "go to the next error" would be very

* The incremental search bar shouldn't contain a combobox.  Embedding
options within the combobox makes the search functionality obscure, as
its mode is not immediately visible.  Also, the "Find Previous" and
"Find Next" labels should be replaced with "Previous" and "Next" labels
respectively for optimal space usage and it'd be more intuitive to use
up and down arrow icons.  My suggestions here are based on Firefox.

* Line numbers and code seems to blend together when folding is
disabled.  Line numbers should have a slightly darker background than
the white background of the default theme, this would clearly
differentiate line numbers from code and it'd be more pleasing visually.

These are small usability improvements, but I think they are relevant.  

Congratulations for MonoDevelop!  It keeps evolving nicely, it's really
a great experience to use a quality IDE on Linux.

Should I report some of these suggestions as (separate?) issues in

Laci  <http://monda.hu>

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