[MonoDevelop] asp.net codebehind member generation fails due to tag not registered

Jhon jhon at anset.org
Sat Jul 26 13:33:44 EDT 2008


Monodevelop autogenerates asp.net member variables in the codebehind page.

I recently started using the javacontroltoolkit and now this auto 
generation fails with the following error:

CodeBehind member generation failed with error The tag type 
'ajaxToolkit:ValidatorCalloutExtender' has not been registered.. Further 
CodeBehind members for this file will not be added.

If I have to put the toolkit variables in myself, no problem, but now 
the generation stops for the rest of the file and that I find is a pity.

What does monodevelop mean with "tag registration"? I've registered the 
tag propperly in the web.config file and I have tried adding the 
Register tag in the page itself and in the MasterPage, but nothing 
seeems to work.

I've done my best googling for any information about how I can register 
this tag wit monodevelop but came up wit nothing usefull.

Not givving the controls an ID would mean monodevelop does not need to 
generate a codebehind variable. However, due to a bug in the toolkit, 
all the controls get the same ID by default and that means the page 
won't compile. So I have to give the controls a unique id.

If anyone here can offer some help or point me in the right direction, I 
would very much appreciate it.

Best Regards.


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