[MonoDevelop] First mono project questions

Chris Jackson root.operator at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 12:34:15 EDT 2008

Im moving over a vb.net windows application over to the Linux side and im
using mono for the development environment.
After getting into the task - i noticed that there are some features in
vb.net (windows) that i dont see in the c# side  in mono.

Im using c# because the solution didnt easly work over on the mono side.

Ok - can you offer advice on the following:
vb.net win has a CheckedListBox control where checkboxes are easly added -
all i see on mono side is the plain checkbox.
Combobox - on vb.net win - i can stuff other objects into the control for
storrage - is this possible with the mono ComboBox?
On my form i need to add an animated gif - so on mono i use the Image widget
but the animation dont run. What can i do for the animation?
On the vb.net win side - for data - there is things like DataGridView and
DataSets - are there comparable techniques in mono?

Chris Jackson
root.operator at gmail.com
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