[MonoDevelop] Show completion always

Chris Wright dhasenan at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 08:21:42 EDT 2008

Hello --

Is there a way to make MonoDevelop show autocompletion whenever it's
available rather than having to use a keyboard shortcut? Currently
there are some strings after which the autocompletion popup is
displayed; I want to get it for, essentially, \s*[^\s]+\s*.

Also, the document navigation mode seems to follow the order in which
files were opened. Visual Studio uses the order in which tabs were
accessed; the rest of the world uses the visual order of the tabs. In
both of these, it's reasonably simple to modify the order in which you
access documents. MonoDevelop forces you to close and reopen files to
change the tab order.

A text editor extension should work to fix this, since it can pay
attention to keypress events (you can't reasonably make shortcuts for
control-tab, control-tab-tab, control-tab-tab-tab,
control-tab-tab-tab-tab... and even if you go fifteen levels deep, if
that's possible, someone will want to switch through sixteen
documents), but is there any simpler way?

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